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Air Quality Testing

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Indoor air quality is the quality of the air around and within a building, and is linked with the comfort and health of those who occupy the property. Many factors can affect the quality of the air in a home or office: radon and carbon monoxide gases, microbial contaminants and particulates (mold is a prime example) are just a few factors that can greatly reduce the indoor air quality of a property. Performing an air quality test will determine if the air within and surrounding your home or business is healthy or not and what kind of affects it has on your health and the health of your family members or employees.

When Ultimate Choice Restoration comes to your residential or commercial property to perform an air quality test, we will provide you with information on the state of your property’s air quality and what is contaminating it. Testing for mold is only a small part of what air quality testing is about. A good air quality test will take numerous samples from hard surfaces around the property, as well as taking samples from the air both inside and out. We will then analyze these samples to determine if your home or business has a mold problem.

Our Process

When you have Ultimate Choice Restoration come to your home or business to conduct an air quality test, we will visually inspect the heating and ventilation of your building to look for combustion safety issues, such as carbon monoxide, problems with the furnace/boiler’s filter, and to determine how your ventilation system stands up to that testing.

Inspections include the following: 

  • Visual inspection of the furnace or heating system to look for obvious damage or defects
  • Assessing the size, effectiveness, and installation of your filter
  • Measuring the flow-rates of your bathroom exhaust fans, whole-house fans, and fresh-air intake ducts
  • A report of your property’s actual ventilation levels and what we recommend it to be at

While performing the test we will use specialized meters to measure many different environmental factors, which will allow us to see how the air quality in your home or business truly is, and to determine what factors are the ones that should be addressed and improved on first.

Here is what we test for when we perform an air quality test at your property:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Carbon Dioxide – in parts per million
  • Carbon Monoxide – in parts per million
  • Total VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in parts per billion

On top of taking indoor air quality samples from within your home or business, we will also take samples from outside your property. This will allow us to see if there are higher than normal levels of mold spores in your home or business, and will tell us what type of mold spores it is and the amount that you and your family may be breathing into your lungs.

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